Highland Hills is less like a bunch of individuals than it is a family. So with that in mind, we invite you to come in and make yourself at home. Relax. Grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut, introduce yourself to some new friends, and prepare to encounter an amazing God in a very personal way. Whether you are new to church or whether you have been in church your entire life, you will find Highland Hills to be an exciting, engaging, and friendly community from the moment you walk in the door. We look forward to getting to know you and, again, welcome to the Highland Hills community!

We have all experienced the nervous feeling that comes from going somewhere for the first time, and let's be honest, that nervousness can be a bit intimidating. We know what that nervous feeling is like, and we want to do everything we can to make your time with us more exciting and much less intimidating. One of the ways we hope to make your time with us less intimidating is by trying to answer some questions you might have before you get here. Now there is no way that we can guess all the questions that you might ask, but here are a few that we thought might be helpful.

What time should I be there?
While there are other opportunities for worship and Bible study, these are some of our most popular opportunities. We would recommend that you arrive 5-10 early to allow you time to park and relax before services begin, but we also know that sometimes life happens. When life happpens and you are running a little behind, don't worry about it. Always feel free to join us, even if it is a little later than you hoped.
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:45 am
Sunday School (Small Group Bible Study) - 9:30 am
Sunday Evening Worship and Activities - 5:00 pm
Wednesday Evening Activities - 6:15 pm

I don't want to look silly, so what should I wear?
If you don't want to look silly, then the clown nose and clown wig is probably not the best idea. Seriously though, we are a pretty laid back community. On any given Sunday, you will find people wearing jeans and a t-shirt and others wearing a suit and tie. So find whatever style of clothes makes you feel comfortable. Honestly, God is less concerned with our choice of clothing than He is about our heart.

What are your worship services like?
While each service is a little bit different, there are some common themes in all our worship services. Because we are a church with many generations, we seek to blend today's contemporary music with the Christian classics to inspire you and help you encounter Jesus in worship. Perhaps the most important theme of all our worship services is the emphasis on the Bible. When you worship with us you need to have your Bible handy because Pastor Jason is leading us on an in-depth study through the Bible.

What about my kids?
Children are an absolute treasure, and that is why during all of our services there are options available for children of all ages. Preschoolers enjoy an extended Sunday School session during our Sunday morning worship services. On the first and third Sundays of every month, children grades kindergarten through second grade join us for about half of our worship service before leaving the sanctuary to attend Children's Church - a great opportunity for them to encounter Jesus in a way specially designed for them. During our Sunday evening and Wednesday evening schedules there are age appropriate activities for all of your children to allow them to encounter Jesus in ministries designed with them in mind so that you can encounter Jesus without being concerned about what they are or are not doing.

How do I check out what the church is teaching?
We understand that the teaching of any church is absolutely critical. That is why we have invested the time to give you an opportunity to check out Pastor's teaching and some of our other resources to help you encounter Jesus on a day to day basis. Simply click here to check out any and all of Pastor's messages through our podcast (you can also find us on iTunes) or click here to check out our daily devotional blog.

How can I ask you a question that is not addressed here?
We thought you might have some questions that we did not discuss. Simply click here to email us any questions you might have.  We certainly don't know the answers to every question, but we will do our best to provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

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